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LINES Ballet Newsletter - December 2008

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Peggy and Ulrich's Holiday Party

Read all about Peggy and Ulrich's Holiday Party profile in the December 2008 issue of (201) Magazine. Click on the link at the end of the story to see more photos.

Sustainably Elegant Entertaining

Englewood friends join forces for a holiday party that considers the environment and the checkbook

By Susan Leigh Sherrill
Photography by Ted Axelrod

Big holiday parties loaded with glitz and glamour have their place, but the most memorable and meaningful celebrations are often those that involve tried-and-true family recipes, simple, elegant decorations and the camaraderie of good friends.

For Englewood's Peggy King Jorde and her husband, Ulrich, a native of Germany, holiday entertaining incorporates all of the above, and this year, a new concept: sustainability.

"Sustainability has become the catchword in my field," says Peggy, who previously worked full time as an architect and designer. "It means, 'Does what you're doing respect the environment, does it make sense in this economy, and does it have staying power?'"

Peggy Jorde grew up in Albany, Ga., the daughter of C.B. King, a prominent African-American attorney who was respected for his courtroom skills during the civil rights movement. According to georgiaencyclopedia.org, King, one of just a handful of black lawyers in Georgia at the time, was renowned for his "masterful use of language and … photographic memory of the law." His clients included Martin Luther King, Jr. (who is no relation), Andrew Young and Ralph Abernathy (a distinguished colleague of MLK's). In 1964, C.B. King became the first black man to run for U.S. Congress since Reconstruction, and in 1969 he ran for governor against Jimmy Carter. A position as a law intern in King's office was highly sought-after; many of the students he mentored went on to have their own high-profile careers.

Peggy Jorde's mother, Carol King, was also renowned as a champion of programs for African-American children, founding the first Head Start program in the Southeast, and one of the first desegregated preschools.

But despite her family's high profile and many professional accomplishments, home life was equally as important. Peggy Jorde describes the Albany area as "agrarian," and says her mother's preparations for the holidays took into account the offerings of the land. "She made centerpieces out of red pears, oranges and other fruit, strewn with cranberries for extra color. It was something sustainable that you could also eat."

Because Georgia is the nation’s pecan capital, Carol King would also fill glass pedestal bowls with nuts, and include an elaborate nut cracker. She had a collection of leaded-glass boxes – "Moroccan or Indian," her daughter remembers – that she would fill with the batch after batch of cookies and bars she baked. "A couple of them were on the table," Peggy Jorde recalls. "Others were all over the house. The fun thing was my cousins would come over and look for the boxes."

A stage for eco-advocacy
To decorate her home for the holidays while keeping the "sustainable" concept in mind, Peggy Jorde enlisted her friend, home-stager Karen Fierstein of Englewood. The women took to the Jorde's back yard, clippers in hand, to cut pine, cedar and other evergreen branches to place in swaths on windowsills and the mantel. They also replicated Carol King's fruit centerpiece, augmenting it with more greens. For dramatic glow, Fierstein filled windowsills with dozens of votive candles.

Jorde and Fierstein first discovered that their entertaining styles were in sync when they worked on the debut "Dinner at Eight" event at the Englewood Field Club, where their families are both members.

"We brought everything in from outside, and spent almost no money," Fierstein explains. "We took a walk in the woods and gathered whatever our eyes grabbed on to. Then we took it back to the club and just played. We used a gazillion candles interspersed in all the ivy, branches and leaves."

Ulrich Jorde's German heritage also plays a part in the family's holiday celebrations. In addition to regular visits to Georgia, the Jordes travel to Ulrich's hometown of Mönchengladbach, near Dusseldorf, every summer. Peggy has always found, she says, "rich similarities in the cooking styles of the American South and Germany."

The menu for the party pays tribute to this melding of family traditions. Her mother often prepared a big pot of seafood stew for open-house style celebrations; Peggy builds on this with a gumbo recipe given to her by a friend from Louisiana and prepared by caterer Jesse Jones. Guests help themselves from a pot simmering on the stove, and a variety of bite-sized Southern-style appetizers is displayed on the dining room table, along with a bourbon-laced punch. Dessert is Peggy's famous Georgia pound cake.

"When our children were small, we celebrated the holidays with our families in Germany and in Georgia," says Peggy. "So our traditions in cooking and entertaining, although different, reflect two cultures, and are much alike, echoing the African and European origins of "gumbo." It is in the meeting of these cultural influences that we sustain a rich tradition that is our own."

As guests reluctantly say their goodbyes, they are handed a paper gift bag of holiday cookies featuring pecans, and sent off with wishes for a healthy, happy and "sustainable" holiday season.

Source: (201).net

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

LINES Ballet Newsletter - August 2008

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Great News and Congrats All Around!

WOW....this is certainly an exciting year for our young family folk!

Our TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!

Congrats to Nia Marjani King , on your AMAZING!!!!!! news and endeavors....Let's talk right away...give me a call...201-394-7304!

Congrats to Crawford Clennon King....on your upcoming graduation from The Putney School in Putney, VT. on June 1st...I know everyone is invited to attend. Have you decided which Art School you'll be attending in September?

Congrats to Wolfgang Chevene Jorde on your upcoming graduation in mid-June from The Bank Street School in NYC. The Dwight Englewood School won out over acceptances to The Trevor Day School, The Dwight School and Columbia Prep!

Congrats to Raquel King ......Feliz Quinceanera!

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Friday, June 29, 2007

LINES Ballet Tours Austria June 21-24, 2007

Austrian announcement of LINES Ballet tour in Innsbruck Austria

Photos from Alonzo in Austria:

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

LINES Ballet Shaolin Premiere April 13-22

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

LINES Ballet Newsletter - February 2007

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Jonathan T. King, Ph.D, Congratulations!

Jonathan T. King, Ph.D.
The University of Texas at Austin,
9 December 2006

Research Synopsis

This study explores how the San Antonio Education Partnership (SAEP) as a collaborative partnership operates, and ascertains what are main ingredients of its success. The success of this partnership lends itself to multi-layered support given by its various components to the student which include

(1) The student's family
(2) The participating educational institutions and foundations
(3) The resources provided by the government and business community.

The research attempts to uncover whether the success of Hispanic and African-American students who are currently enrolled in San Antonio Education Program, was based primarily on external factors, internal factors, or both. It will also attempt to determine the primary reasons why these students enrolled into the SAEP program, and to what extent their participation in the program impacted their decision to attend college. The research for this study was conducted during the month of July, 2006. Of the forty-two students who participated in this research project, thirty were Hispanic and the other twelve students were of African-American descent.

You can contact Jonathan at jonking_2000@yahoo.com

Feedback & Discussion: King-Barnes Families Message Board

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Alonzo King Awarded a $50,000 USA Fellows Grant

Alonzo King
USA Prudential Fellow, Dance

Choreographer Alonzo King (b. 1950s, lives in San Francisco) is the founder and artistic director of LINES Ballet in San Francisco, California. King is one of the foremost innovators in contemporary ballet, adapting its forms and discipline for today’s audiences. He has created works for Alvin Ailey, the Dallas Opera, the Joffrey Ballet, the Royal Swedish Ballet, and the June Watanabe Dance Company, among others. King’s works have been performed recently at Kraftwerk in Wolfsburg, Germany; the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco; and City Center in New York City. He received an honorary doctorate from Dominican University of California, the Lehman Award for Choreography, and two Bessie Awards for Choreography and was named a Master of African American Choreography by the Kennedy Center for the Arts.

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Source: United States Artists Website

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Friday, September 29, 2006

Alonzo King has an angular approach to choreography

Alonzo King has an angular approach to choreography

By: JOEL D. AMOS - For the North County Times

Reflecting the passion of a geometry professor, choreographer Alonzo King has an uncanny appreciation for lines and how their combinations create shapes out of the human form. King's dance company, Lines Ballet, has incorporated this simple yet universal shape into its 23-year history. Next for the innovative troupe is a new dance piece that will have its world premiere Saturday at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido.

This debut, the San Francisco-based King says, is a culmination of a lifetime of diverse experiences. King has an admirer in his collaborator for Saturday's concert, Indian singer Rita Sahai.

"He is so inspiring," Sahai said. After first working together a decade ago, Sahai said she has now created and is performing the score for King's latest ballet. "I am so excited to work with him again."

A graduate of the American Ballet Theater School, King also trained with Alvin Ailey and has created works for dance companies across the world, most recently the Swedish Royal Ballet to interpret the work of George Friedrich Handel. His diverse instruction introduced him to a dance tradition that played a part in his life work.

"I saw Russian dance and that magnificence of geometry; it was very different," King said.

Founded in 1982, the company's moniker, Lines, arose from its founder's bare-bones view of the surrounding world and how it relates to humans careening through their existences.

"I think the principal expression of life is movement, so when we look at the physical world, everything is lines," King said. "From terrain, architecture, to people's bodies and the shape of their eyes, it is all lines, whether straight lines or a circle. Whether it's an arc, perpendicular, at 45 degrees or straight, horizontal and the vertical, it is all symbology."

The Grammy-nominated Sahai's native music is not only a thrilling artistic influence for King, but personally, he is a little star-struck by her. "She is an amazing woman to be around," he said. He appreciates her effortless artistic communication, an impeccable trait in a singer, King says. "She is just so high-tuned. She is always present, there is no confusion. I love being in her presence. She has made beautiful music for us."

King's work is in high demand ---- from choreographing Patrick Swayze to crafting works for the dance world's best. Dancers from the Joffrey Ballet, Dance Theater of Harlem, Alvin Ailey and the Hong Kong Ballet all have King's choreography on their resume.

"When you work with different people you are looking for an understanding and to discover artistic sympathy," King said. His global work across cultures and artistic genres has spawned priceless insight. "What I have learned is to be more receptive, to be more patient and to listen better."

Sahai rarely delves beyond her Indian musical landscape. However, when called by Lines Ballet, she could stretch artistically.

"With Alonzo, I have a challenge," she admits.

King's creativity forces her to stay true to her roots while still matching his company's artistic presence.

"To provide what he needs, I must leave my own personality and embrace it at the same time."

King compares the creative process to a scene repeated frequently across Quaker cultures.

"All those people get together. They leave their places and occupations and go to help someone build a house," he said. "It is all about creating this world as opposed to what they're getting from it. We are going to build something together. That becomes the North Star we work towards. Everything else becomes minimal."

As a young child he became compelled to dance from observing people's movements.

"There is an age when you listen to people's vibration rather than what is coming out of their mouth. I remember being around adults and noticing how they held their bodies and moved. What they did with their bodies seemed more truthful," King said.

Owner of numerous awards, he treasures most working with the people who bring his vision to life.

"I admire dancers tremendously. For them, it is about thoughtless generosity and ceaseless giving," King said. "They are ceaselessly trying to refine and they're obsessed with accuracy. The possibility of actually becoming a living idea and having it occupy you is big stuff."

After two decades of living a dream, King can occasionally have the luxury of reflection.

"When I'm able to get my head a little above the workload, I am very grateful. This is the choice I've made. We have done a lot of good work all over the world," he said.

Reflective of his selfless dancers, King quickly deflects praise. "I can honestly say I do not do this alone. I have people from costumers to business people to dancers who have given their life to this. We are all building that house together."

Source: North Country Times

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